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Asian culture is claiming to hate "My Heart Will Go On" because your parents listened to that shit non-stop growing up but also you bust that shit out at karaoke every single time

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New avi of my smug mug courtesy of @extinct, highly recommend commissioning them!!!

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Hey all, haven't done the social media rodeo in a couple years so might be a bit rusty.

I'm a leftist friend born in China and now in Canada, and will usually be tootin' (and rootin') about games, diversity in media, politics, tabletop, my dog, FFXIV, my dog some more, banning Oko (this joke will definitely still play in a couple of months).

Heck, and maybe even some photos and writing maybe if I ever get over this heck of a block I got going on.

Miquetoast middle-aged white dudes and miquetoast middle-aged Chinese dudes have a commonality in that they both think they're the next Sun Tzu

So if you try to report an artist on Spotify for hateful content, you have to acknowledge first that "my complaint may be forwarded to the party that posted the content at issue. "


A couple hours ago RCMP arrested a larger indigenous instagram account (@skodenne) who is on the ground in Wet'suwet'en, they have been providing many live updates about the current events unfolding. Please follow @nikkilaes, @gidimten_checkpoint @seedingsovereignty for other live updates.

Indigenous instagram user @decolonial.auntie is also seeking artists willing to donate their art to be sold to raise funds for wet'suwet'en.

It is really fucking important to show support right now

I learned from a friend that this image is given to you like 1 hour into playing Dragon Age Inquisition (it's the "The Inner Circle" questlog image) and it is so funny to me. damn i truly wonder what the twist is gonna be at the end of the game

You think you're the Spice Girls, but you're really more of an S Club 7

sick, PSO2 servers are back up, shitty sleep schedule finally works to my advantage

Anybody need a copy of Ubuntu 5.10, I got extra

It's got a live CD AND the installer in

Anyway, if you'd like to see some of my photography, EyeEm, Instagram, and 500px are the best places to see some of my work.

You can even buy a print, if you feel like it.


hey so i make custom resin faux geodes if you guys are interested! a lot of ppl use them for jewelry trays or drink coasters or just decorations bc they look cool af
they're $10 plus shipping, and i can make it your pride flag colors or glittery or your fave colors, whatever! β™‘ DM me~

Fast and the Furious is a better and more important cinematic franchise than Star Wars don't @ me

what kind of absolute monster hosts an Oscars party and actually invites people to it

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