Hey all, haven't done the social media rodeo in a couple years so might be a bit rusty.

I'm a leftist friend born in China and now in Canada, and will usually be tootin' (and rootin') about games, diversity in media, politics, tabletop, my dog, FFXIV, my dog some more, banning Oko (this joke will definitely still play in a couple of months).

Heck, and maybe even some photos and writing maybe if I ever get over this heck of a block I got going on.

As an addendum to this, I forgot to mention that I am also into pro wrestling, anime, C/J/K- and western pop and terrible gacha games so apologies in advance!

@geektox gee do I know what that feels like.

Welcome welcome welcome!
I hope you have a wonderful time here on the fediverse!

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